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Marketers Are Not the Average Consumer

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 | Posted by to Internet Marketing Strategy

Marketers often mistakenly believe they are representative of their target audience. But marketers are NOT like the average consumer. As marketers they have a completely different understanding of how news is created, how products get into stores, how services are pitched. All that "behind-the-curtain" knowledge means that marketers’ behaviors and preferences are different from the average consumer.

ExactTarget’s latest free report Marketers From Mars explores the differences between marketers' and consumers' digital behaviour, along with the handy infographic below. The report includes: 


  • The differences between marketer and consumer channel usage (email, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • The differences between marketer and consumer smartphone usage, digital purchase behaviors, and marketing priorities
  • How marketers can avoid personal bias to better communicate with consumers

Here's a sneak peak.

social media marketing


This infographic is brought to you by ExactTarget, a leader in social media marketing.


Or for your viewing pleasure:




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