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Work Industries becomes Boxcar Marketing

Sunday, April 13, 2008 | Posted by to Work, News

Spring is traditionally associated with change and renewal. A time to clean things up. A time for new seeds to be planted. Spring also happens to be an excellent time to announce the evolution in our business.

As of April 2008, Work Industries will be Boxcar Marketing.

Boxcar Marketing logo

Same great service, strategy and team you expect, with a new name. It’s still Monique Trottier and James Sherrett and a merry band of partners working hard behind the scenes. Except now the scenery has changed.

Why the name change?

We wanted to better describe the type of “Work” we do: “Marketing.” At the same time, we wanted to keep the feel of a hard-working, industrious shop, which led us to “Boxcar.” Last, we wanted to do away with inconsistency over our name (Work Industries) and domain name (www.iworkindustries.com).

Work Industries logo

So after a few sessions at the white board and too many domain name searches, Boxcar Marketing was born.

We’ve let some friends and colleagues know about the name change, so it’s percolated out there into the great Google. Now this announcement makes it official.

What does the name change to Boxcar Marketing mean to you?

Where you saw Work Industries, now you’ll see Boxcar Marketing. On invoices, cheques, business cards, contracts and in email addresses, we’ll be Boxcar Marketing. We’ll do our best to redirect all the Work Industries points of reference to Boxcar Marketing. But if you spot an old reference to Work Industries, please let us know.

As is the nature of our business and our philosophy, we expect and want your feedback. We practice and preach conversational, 2-way communications.

So let us know what you think. If you have questions or concerns or just want a little more information on the name change, please contact us. We’re still at the same phone numbers and office address. But now we’re Boxcar Marketing. Please update your email address book:

Monique Trottier
Email: monique[at]boxcarmarketing[dot]com
Monique Trottier’s vCard / hCard: View.

James Sherrett
Email: james[at]boxcarmarketing[dot]com
James Sherrett’s vCard / hCard: View.

(hCard? Make your own!)


James Sherrett

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