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Snapchat: Ideas for Publishers

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 | Posted by to Harebrained Ideas, Internet Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

In the April edition of Underwire, I promised to share some examples of Snapchat that I hope will inspire you.

1. Millennial Recruitment

Space150’s used Snapchat's custom filters on US university campuses to attract potential hires for its 10 internship positions. The filters urged hopeful interns to follow the Space150 Snapchat channel where they are given a task, which served as their application. The task was related to creating a story for one of the agency's brands. See the details here.

Ideas for publishers: Create a Snapchat adventure game as a way to win tickets to a special author event or access to exclusive content that appeals to under 30s. 

2. Event & Highlight Reels

Lidl Ireland launched their Snapchat account in Feb 2016. The German supermarket giant supports women's football with their #serioussupport campaign and has used Snapchat to provide highlights of game day, matches, and athlete interviews. They also use Snapchat to show behind-the-scenes footage of their fashion models and in-store events. Follow them at lidlireland

At the London Book Fair last month, I used Snapchat to show friends quick highlights of the fair. 

Snapchat: London Book Fair

The British Library had an Alice in Wonderland exhibition on at the same time.

British Library: Alice in Wonderland

FierceReads (Macmillan Publishing Group) has used these same techniques to cover book events like BEA and BookCon, and for author readings.

Ideas for publishers: Use Snapchat to flip through picture books or show behind-the-scenes creative. Get librarians involved and have summer reading programs snap book reviews. 

3. Food Porn

Tastemade (for food and travel lovers) has one of the coveted Discover spots on Snapchat and their channel is a great example of the quirky, quick food videos that social media users gobble up. You can compare how the videos look on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. See their Press page.

Ideas for publishers: Snap a series of images related to the steps of the recipes and add text overlays for the instructions. 

What to do next?

  • Create an account. 
  • Learn how to use the filters, doodles and other tricks.
  • Find some people to follow
  • Try some chats, create some stories
  • Make a game plan of how-tos and what works

Want to follow me? Open Snapchat, aim your phone at my Snapchat on the screen and it should find my account. You can manually search for me as boxcarmarketing too.



Monique Sherrett

Monique used to be allergic to all fish and was cured by Chinese medicine doctor Debra Gibson (not the pop singer). This is inconsequential to marketing or technology but does mean that she can attend client lunches without being picky about the menu options. See more posts by Monique Sherrett. You can also find her marketing tips on Twitter and YouTube.

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