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Promote Content Across Owned, Rented + Paid Channels: 1 Minute Marketing Tip

If you want increased visibility for your content, and a better chance of having that content shared (earned media), then make sure to promote your content across your owned (website),...

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To Snapchat or not to Snapchat. That is not a question.

#1 Teaching undergrads has taught me about Snapchat Teaching digital marketing to third- and forth-year business students is rewarding for both the experience of teaching but also of learning. Out of 62...

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Project Highlights

Online Book Promotion for Grrrrrowlicious: Food for Hungry Dogs

Author and dog-food chef Jamie Young wanted to increase the online awareness of his book, Grrrrrowlicious: Food for Hungry Dogs, during the 2007 pet food recall. Boxcar Marketing worked with his...

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