Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

In addition to running Boxcar Marketing, Monique Sherrett is an associate professor at Simon Fraser University and teaches in the Master of Publishing program, as well as at the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Communications, Arts & Technology. She regularly presents at marketing and technology conferences and professional development days for associations, educators, and government organizations. 

Recommendation: Samantha Francis, Marketing and Communications Manager, BookNet Canada: "Monique is extremely knowledgeable about digital marketing and is very skilled at teaching others. She spoke at two conferences I programmed and she was a pleasure to work with. She was always responsive and professional, she was open to tailoring her presentations to the audience's needs, and was great at educating and inspiring attendees. "  

My dynamic presentations use real-world examples tailored to the audience in order to convey realistic opportunities and expectations for success so that attendees are able to leave with hands-on, practical tactics for approaching the topic within their own organization. 

Video: Communication Strategies for a Multiscreen World, presentated at Net Squared Vancouver's Digital Non-Profit Conference on May 9, 2014

Recommendation: Julie Wilson, Publishing Professional, Author and Founder of Book Madam & Associates: "Attend any conference where Monique is scheduled to appear and sit back to wait for the moment people start to fumble for their pens and pads. The moment sneaks up from behind, because we're not accustomed to the presenter who doesn't end a slide show with an invitation to learn more: Monique has only just begun. Her approach is all added-value, her wisdom, insight and application on full, transparent display. The antithesis of a schmoozy mover 'n' shaker, Monique clearly and concisely illustrates the tips, tools and thinking that should be at the forefront of any marketer's mind — and those who employ them." 

Recent Topics

  • Master Facebook Marketing 
  • Social Media Metrics In Depth 
  • Hands-on Google Analytics 
  • Marketing in a Multi-screen World (desktop, tablet, mobile, wearables)
  • Download sample descriptions (PDF)

I've prepared presentations for organizations of all sizes, from independent to multinational publishing firms to international organizations like Intel (webinar series for internal marketing teams), national organizations like the Conference Board of Canada (AGM for Chief Marketing Executives group) and BookNet Canada's Technology Forum. I gave the keynote presentation at the 2008 Harry Potter Educational Fanon, whose annual conference which draws 1500 educators, librarians, academics and fans. And, I've appeared on CBC Radio and was a regular guest on the tv show "Lab with Leo". 



Hire Monique 

Talk to me about your project. Email or Phone 1-778-837-9012

  • Full and half-day Workshops, halfday starting at 3999
  • Course development for your educational institution or trade association, request a quote
  • 1-hour webinar, keynote presentations, guest lectures, request a quote

Topic Ideas

Master an individual social media platform or tool. For example Master Google Analytics, Master Facebook Marketing, etc.

Tailor a topic to your industry: Analytics & Data Tracking for Publishers, for Educational Institutions, for Fundraisers

Boost on discoverability of your products or services:

  • Outside the Box: Marketing Strategies on Promoting Books and Reading
  • Strategy & Tactics for Marketing eBooks
  • On a Shoestring: Online Marketing for SMEs
  • Staying Connected: Online marketing for Alumni Associations
  • Lean Marketing for Startups

Understand data and measuring success:

Hone in on best practices:

  • Building & Managing Your Online Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization & Website Design
  • Increasing Traffic to Your Website
  • Improving Email Newsletters & Online Communications
  • Mobile-Optimized Marketing
  • Public Relations & Crisis Management in a 24/7 World
  • SEO Copywriting: Writing Compelling Copy That Isn't Spammy
  • Social Media Tools & Tactics
  • Social Media Audits: How to Self Audit
  • A Picture Says 1000 Words: Visual Marketing Creation & Curation for Non-Designers
  • Writing for the Web 

Fine-tune your tactics:

  • Email Newsletters: Mistakes to Avoid
  • Mistakes Your Making with Facebook Ads
  • Things Most People Misunderstand about SEO

About Monique Sherrett

Monique Sherrett has a passion for all things digital, in particular using analytics to measure and improve marketing communications. She began her career as the web marketing manager at Raincoast Books, where she spearheaded the online marketing strategies for various Harry Potter campaigns, as well as launched Raincoast's podcast series and blog in 2005. She founded Boxcar Marketing in 2007 and has continued to help publishers drive traffic to their sites, analyze the impact that traffic has on the bottom line, and craft actionable meaning from reams of data. Her 1-minute marketing tips can be found on YouTube and her online marketing advice is available at Boxcarmarketing.com/blog

Have you seen me present? Let's connect on LinkedIn.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Below is a resource of report templates, how-to instructions and tools to help publishers better understand social media metrics and Google Analytics. My contact details are in the top right corner if you need a one-on-one consultation or are interested in Boxcar Marketing services like social media marketing audits, Google Analytics reporting, Facebook campaigns or assistance with your digital marketing strategy. Looking to self-serve? Browse the below array of reports, 1-minute marketing videos, and slide decks.

Facebook Insights

The #1 Thing Pages Get Wrong is posting when their fans are NOT online. 


How to use Graph Search to Research Your Target Audience


Export Post-Level Data to see Fan-Only Metrics (TIP: Analyze 150 days at a time to see trends)

  • Total Reach = Fans and non-fans who see your posts in their News Feed, on your Page, in the Ticker or as ads.
  • Lifetime Post Reach by People Who Like Your Page = Fan-Only Reach (only available in Post Level Data Export)
  • People Talking About This = # of shares, comments, and post likes PLUS Page Likes, check-ins, event RSVPs, offer claims, mentions of your Page or messages posted to your Timeline
  • Lifetime Talking About This in the Post Level Data Export provides a breakdown of comments, likes and shares
  • Post Clicks = # clicks on a post INCLUDING any click to view a photo, play a video, report/hide post, expand to read post or comments, clicking on profiles within the comments
  • Link Clicks = # clicks on a link in post (only available in Post Level Data Export under Lifetime Post Consumers by Type or Lifteme Post Consumptions by Type)

How to Create an Advertising Account as a Business

  1. Have someone who's a more permanent fixture at the company create the ad account and then get them to add marketers or consultants as users of the account.
  2. Go here: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/settings.php
    If the link doesn't work, go to Ads manager > click Settings link in the left-hand side
  3. Under the Permissions area, click "Add a User"
  4. Give the markter/consultant General User privileges so she/he can set up ads and edit them etc.

Related Tools & Resources:

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics: Twitter's native analytics. See the 1-Minute Marketing Tip on How to Use Twitter Analytics

Followerwonk and TweetReach: Use Followerwonk to see the Social Authority of your followers (most active hours, est. gender and age, recency of tweets, etc.). Use TweetReach to see estimated reach, exposure and impressions of your last 50 tweets. Both tools provide details on competitor usernames as well.

Twitter Archive Google Spreadsheet (TAGS):  Martin Hawksey's amazing tool pulls data from the Twitter API into a google spreadsheet based on keyword, hashtag, links to a domain and/or tweets from a particular username. The possibilities are endless. Example: Create an archive of your tweets, updated hourly. Create an archive of tweets by influencers who use a particular keyword or hashtag. 

Tools Worth Paying For

  • Hootsuite: Scheduling, analytics, multiple team members and social profiles.
  • Moz: includes access to Followerwonk
  • Mention: Works with both Twitter and Facebook, set up alerts for brand mentions or anything else you want to track
  • SocialBro: Real-time analytics, account insights
  • Any tool that helps you save time or make money! 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics 1-Minute Marketing Tips

Video Quick Links:


Boxcar Marketing Articles:

Add these Custom Reports to your Google Analytics account:


Hire Boxcar Marketing to do a Google Analytics Audit or regular Analytics reporting for your organization.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

The Purpose of Facebook Marketing

With 1.19 billion active users and over 4.5 billion likes generated on a daily basis, Facebook's reach is unmatched in the social media space. As a publisher, you're probably already using the platform to reach reading audiences, but are you doing everything you can to attract and grow your fanbase on Facebook? Hire Boxcar Marketing to manage your Facebook Advertising campaigns or to work with you on refining and optimizing your existing efforts.

  • Get the latest information on the News Feed Algorithm (previously called EdgeRank)
  • Ensure your posts are optimized and seen by as many fans as possible
  • Use Facebook as a sales funnel to build your mailing list
  • Get in front of potential fans who are interested in your offerings
  • Understand your core audience and use Facebook for gathering consumer data
  • Experiment with a mix of zero cost options and advertising opportunities

5 reasons to consider Facebook Marketing:

  1. Your Core Book-Buying Audience Uses Social Media (fish where the fish are)
  2. Gather real customer data using Facebook tools such as Graph Search
  3. Find Lookalike Audiences based on your existing audience
  4. Drive traffic to your website 
  5. Easily scale campaigns using advanced tools


If you have 500-1500 to spend on the ads then I recommend running the campaign yourself and experimenting since outsourcing the ad management costs will be higher than your ad spend.

For standard ad campaigns, we offer management, reporting and any related training at 1590 per month or 25% of the ad spend, whichever is higher. The goal is to manage your campaign in the short term as a way to then provide expertise, reporting and a hand-off so you can continue. 

Related Information

Facebook Resources: A list of tools, tips and tricks for publishers

What Other People Have to Say

"Monique knows that social media tools like Facebook are constantly changing and she alters tactics just as fast to stay on top. We have worked with Monique on various campaigns and have come to rely on her expertise, attention to detail and enthusiasm. She has ensured that our online advertising campaigns were working to build the brand and drive people to our ecommerce partners. We couldn't be more pleased with the results, in particular reaching 10K fans on one of our Facebook Pages.
Monique is an absolute pleasure to work with." —Naseem Hrab, Marketing Director, Kids Can Press

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

"Honestly, when Monique explains something I get it. Just like that. So helpful."

Clare Hitchens is the publicist for Wilfrid Laurier University Press in Waterloo, Ontario, and works with the Eden Mills Writers' Festival as the Young Adult Author Coordinator. She has attended a number of my training sessions and had these kind words to say.

Sometimes you need some In-House Marketing Training. That's where we come in.

Boxcar Marketing consultations & training sessions offer you:

  1. Personalized full- and half-day workshops that examine your overall internet marketing strategy or that look at a specific aspect of your marketing activities.
  2. Suggestions to improve your online presence.
  3. Templates, tactics, and information to move forward on your own.
  4. Tips, tools and techniques for increasing sales and brand recognition.

Comprehensive Review & Training (In Person or Remote)

  • Our most popular request. This is a full or half-day training session delivered either in person or remotely. 
  • You set the topics for discussion and we tailor the presentation to your unique needs.
  • 3,999 per half day

Webinars (available on many topics)

  • See Events for Upcoming Webinars or request a personalized, private webinar.
  • These are 1 hour, in-depth sessions to help you master a specific subject.
  • Private sessions start at 1590

Need more than a one-time consultation? Hire Boxcar Marketing as your special-forces marketing team. Think of it as renting a CMO. We hit the ground running, assess the challenges, develop and execute a plan and then help you hire for the position based on our findings or train existing staff. 

Give us a call, 778-837-9012. Send us an email. Talk to Us about your project.

What Other People Have to Say

Monique’s session was informative and inspiring. We were left with a great action list that we have since used to optimize our website. E-commerce is up, site navigation has been improved and we have come away with lots of great ideas for improving our online presence and making our website a powerful - and profitable - part of our business. Monique is a delightful presenter with a huge amount of current knowledge.
—Andrew Wooldridge, Orca Book Publishers

Annick Press wanted to create a stronger internet marketing strategy, including broadening our knowledge base and creating an arsenal of tools we can draw upon, in particular strategies specific to book publishing. In a half-day session, Monique gave us tailored tips and suggestions invaluable to the success of our venture. Staff commended her on her infectious enthusiasm, her broad knowledge base, her professionalism, and her ability to help us understand and apply relevant concepts and strategies.
—Rick Wilks, Annick Press

I just wanted to pass on everyone’s thanks. The office is unanimously in agreement that you provided excellent information and communicated it very effectively.
—Heather Nicholas, New Society Publishers

Thanks very much—we really enjoyed our session with you. It has helped to clarify our thinking and planning what to do next.
—Donna Livingstone, University of Calgary Press

Thanks again for a great session! You gave us more than I thought possible in such a short time. We’ve got lots to do and thanks to you some clear ways to start. You’re the best!
—Robert Ballantyne, Associate Publisher, Arsenal Pulp Press

It was a great pleasure to meet you—you really are a delightful person and put across your information effortlessly. From the viewpoint of someone who is not very Web-savvy, your workshop couldn’t have been more helpful or easier to understand. Your information is so useful and applicable.
—Ginny Miller, Marketing Coordinator, New Society Publishers

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Need help being successful on Facebook? My contact details are in the top right corner if you need Facebook Marketing or our other services like marketing audits, Google Analytics help, ad campaigns or assistance with your marketing strategy. Looking to self-serve? Browse the below array of online materials, training courses, Facebook-focussed websites, Facebook consultants and training services.

1 Minute Marketing Tips: Facebook Playlist

STIR: When should you pay to promote a post

Click here to see all 1 Minute Marketing Tips on Facebook

Effective Facebook Content for Pages

Understanding effective Facebook content management for Pages is neatly illustrated in the full infographic from Wishpond available in this post. Key points include:

  1. Post effective content to Facebook Pages: Max 3 lines of text (100-250 characters), posted 5x per week at optimal hours for your fans, likely during morning and evening commute and post-dinner web browsing times.
  2. Be relevant and compelling: Post unique content to Facebook vs. sharing the same info across multiple social media profiles simultaneously. Reward Facebook fans with special offers, exclusive content and early access to info.
  3. Make a visual impact: Mix in images with your updates so not every post is only text. According to Facebook's stats, posts with photos or videos have 180% more engagement than the average post.

Click here to see the full infographic and full post.

How to & Troubleshooting

How to remove Fake Likes or Ban Spammers

  • See Likes (this opens a pop-up that shows people who like your Page)
  • Scroll through to find the person of note
  • Click the X next to their name (this opens the Ban pop-up box)

Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business includes case studies and links to the Help Centre

Awesome Facebook Marketing Experts to Follow

Facebook Contest Tools

Antavo.com: This is the contest platform Boxcar Marketing uses most. They have a ton of great templates for common contest types like photo, essay, draw, quiz, poll. You can like-gate the contest tab and set up share incentives. You'll typically pay $25-65 per month.

Tradablebits.com: Vancouver-based company that lets you create social apps. Boxcar Marketing has used this tool mostly for creating custom Facebook tabs. You can set up a secure http page on your site then embed that on a Facebook tab. This is helpful if you have a catalogue of materials to display or a special landing page for a title. We've pulled it into Facebook and then run Facebook ads directing people to that tab. The cpc is often cheaper because you're directing people to an internal Facebook page vs. an external URL. FYI: create the https page, use Tradablebits to create the tab and iframe (which is called an app), copy the URL of that app then use that URL in your ads. Other apps include contests, catalogues, ecards, and downloads. You'll pay between $25-75 per month. 

Shortstack.com: Probably the best known of the bunch, this is a super tool for making your own apps, great for custom tabs. $30-75 per month. 

AgoraPulse.com: This is an all-in-one tool in that you can create photo contests, top fans, coupons, etc. AND you get great stats and a content management/scheduling tool. Most publishers will only need to basic options. Caveat: I haven't used this one myself, it's recommended by Jon Loomer. $30 per month.

ContestDomination.com: Contest app that helps you build your mailing list. Recommended by Tod Maffin.

Wishpond: Great tool with lots of options for contests and landing pages. You'll want at least the Pro version at $69 per month


Other Handy Tools

EdgeRankChecker.com: Increase exposure and learn what's working with these stats.

ActionSprout: Find best performing content on Facebook

Grid Tool: Facebook's 20% Text Rule for images works on a grid. Upload your image, click the squares where text appears. If you're over, often you can simply adjust the text layout.

Adroll or PerfectAudience: Retargeting (also try Web Custom Audiences in the Facebook PowerEditor, which rolled out Jan 2014)

Fsymbols.com: Clickable Facebook symbols that you can add to any post

Sharegrab: Find content posted by similar sites that you can repurpose

Picmonkey: Free online photo editor

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

The right data at the right time can help you make the right decisions.

See what Vancouver Opera, the second largest opera company in Canada, has to say about the valuable business insights provided by our Custom Reports.

Director of Marketing Doug Tuck: "Boxcar Marketing's regular Google Analytics reports distill an abundance of analytics data into simple answers and recommendations that are then integrated into our strategy and planning. Monique’s intelligent, penetrating analyses and her articulate, positive suggestions play key roles in our ongoing marketing strategies."

Talk to Us About Your Site & How We Can Help


What to Expect from a Google Analytics Audit

  1. Better understand your website visitors and their online behaviours. 
  2. Know where your high-quality traffic comes from and how to foster that traffic through marketing activities.
  3. Understand where visitors go on your website and what content resonates with them.
  4. Ensure your site is optimized to convert prospects into customers.
  5. Identify and track the factors that influence conversions.

An initial Google Analytics Audit reviews traffic acquisition, on-site behaviour and conversions to:

  • Confirm that Google Analytics is set up and tracking properly
  • Help Set up or Review Goals, Events and Key Performance Indicators
  • Set up Custom Reports for Key Decision Makers 

A Google Analytics audit is a removed, third-party look at how your website is performing. Even if you're actively monitoring your traffic and using the data to make business decisions, it's helpful to have an objective third party interpret the data and provide insights you may be overlooking due to familiarity. Audits are helpful to run before a website redesign, when building a content marketing plan and in conjunction with social media audits and search engine optimization.  

Our audit process covers the following areas:

  1. Google Analytics Code Verification
  2. Site Search Tracking Verification
  3. Account & Filters Verification
  4. Goal and Event Conversion 
  5. Webmaster Tools & Adwords Sync
  6. Custom Reports & Dashboards
  7. Marketing Activity & Traffic Correlation
  8. Mobile Traffic Assessment
  9. Recommendations
  10. Tools & Resources

How much does a one-time audit cost? That depends on the scope of work or the size of your site. In general, budget 2500.

Regular Reporting on Google Analytics

Need more than a one-off Google Analytics Audit? Several of our clients engage us to provide customized monthly or quarterly reporting as well as timely alerts on changes of note to conversion rates, visitor traffic and on-site behaviour. Google Analytics is constantly changing and redesigning its interface. Our Google Analytics Reporting is perfect for clients who don't want to become experts in Google Analytics but who value using that information to better understand what marketing activities are working and why on an ongoing basis. We look at Google Analytics and overlay data on marketing campaign performance, social media marketing data, plus any CRM or marketing automation data. 

How much to retain your services for regular reporting? Again, this is dependent on the scope of work, but in general budget 2500 for the initial review and setup plus 750-1500 per quarterly report.

Talk to us about your project


Related Information

What Other People Have to Say

Rebecca Ross, Digital Content Manager, University of Ottawa Press: "Boxcar Marketing performed a Social Media Marketing Audit and a Google Analytics Audit that examined where UOP was today, what could quickly be improved and what long-term planning was needed. Monique and Crissy provided 4 reports and one-on-one sessions on the usability of our website, goal tracking in Google Analytics, SEO & Meta Data, competitor analysis and eBook marketing. This was a helpful process for our press and many of the recommendations were implemented." 


Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate @google, about a Boxcar Marketing resource:


Get Actionable Insights Into Your Data.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Who Is On the List & Why

At times Boxcar Marketing is working to capacity and we are unable to provide personalized referrals to new project requests so we created this list of recommended companies. The companies included are remarkable in their own ways and have provided services to Boxcar Marketing in the past. We trust them to deliver quality work and to treat their clients well.

Please contact any of these companies directly via their websites.

Boxcar Marketing Website Developers (alpha by CMS)

ExpressionEngine: Eric Barstad, Shadow Box Creative Media

Drupal: Catherine Winters

Wordpress:  Christine Rondeau, Bluelime Media

Online Marketing

Capulet Communications: Julie Szabo, Darren Barefoot and Theodora Lamb provide online marketing for not-for-profits, national and global brands. They are experts in Web PR, social media marketing, cause-based marketing and online strategy.

October 17 Media:  Tamara Brooks, Brenda Cadman and their great team handle social media, web development and web marketing for medium to large organizations. They are great at Social Media Branding, i.e., cover photos, profile pictures, background designs, and header images for Facebook and Twitter. 

MAKe: Strategy, creative, production and management for brands. Full service for online and print campaigns, including video production

Search Marketing

eMarketing101.ca: Alex Brabant is a member of SEMPO Vancouver and provides search marketing services such as PPC and SEO. He's a genius with PPC, in particular for the travel and tourism industry. 

Local SEO Guide: Andrew Shotland is the guy for local search marketing and search engine optimization strategy. 

SEMPO Member Directory: Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization member listings.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Kind regards,
Monique Sherrett

Boxcar Marketing

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Boxcar Marketing provides consulting, campaign planning and in-house training for the publishing industry (book publishers, agencies, start-ups, libraries, booksellers and other education & cultural organizations). Our Services include content development, Google Analytics reporting and social media audits. Find out more About Boxcar Marketing. Talk to us about your project.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Online marketing consultant, lit blogger, adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University and social media enthusiast.

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Monique Trottier Is Monique Sherrett

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

On September 23rd, James Sherrett presented to the Saskatchewan Publishers Association and we’d like to offer you a special deal on the Boxcar Marketing Quick-Fix Report.

The Boxcar Marketing Quick-Fix Report is a scorecard of what is working and not working on your site, plus a list of recommended changes that you can quickly implement so that your website performs better. We are offering members of the Saskatchewan Publishers Association the Boxcar Marketing Quick-Fix Report Card for $750.

Let us explain how it works:

The Quick-Fix Report

Step 1: We start by reviewing your responses to our short questionnaire about the goals and audience for your website (or by having a quick question-answer phone call).

Step 2: With your business context in mind, we review the following aspects of your site and provide a list of prioritized recommendations for you to implement.

Key Areas That We Investigate

Strategy, Intent, Purpose

A website operates as your receptionist, key sales and marketing person, and brand advocate.

  1. Is the strategic intent of your website clear?
  2. What are your visitors trying to do on your site?
  3. What do you want them to do on your site?
  4. Does the website design reflect your company culture and profession?
  5. Are the aesthetics consistent with what your visitor expects?

Design, Functionality

What’s working? What’s not working?

  1. Are you making the best use of the functionality offered by the web?
  2. Is your website a brochure or full-functioning website?
  3. Do buttons and links look clickable?
  4. Are best practices followed?

Information Architecture

  1. Is the site structure clear?
  2. Can visitors easily complete desired tasks?
  3. Are best practices followed for navigation, layout, site structure?

Content Strategy

  1. Word Choice and Jargon: Does the site use language your visitor would use, not the jargon or acronyms you use internally.
  2. Readability: Are pages scannable and uncluttered?
  3. Visual Hierarchy: Is there an intuitive visual hierarchy to how content is presented?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Does your website show up in search results related to relevant terms for your business?

  1. Is your site optimized for search?
  2. Does it use search-optimized heading tags, page titles, meta descriptions, user-friendly URLs and image file names and ALT tags

Permission Marketing (Relationship Building)

  1. How do you generate leads from the website?
  2. Do you use social media tools?
  3. How do you use content, offers, newsletters, or other to nourish leads?

Step 3: If you prefer us to follow-up with a 30-minute phone call, we are happy to do so.

Special Issues
If you have a specific problem you’d like us to investigate instead. Let us know. Or if you want a more in-depth look at one of the above items, we offer customized reports for many aspects of online marketing. Contact us for details and costs.

Want to Sign Up?

1. Sign Up using our PayPal link. You do not require a PayPal account. Look for the credit card icons on the right. Remember to provide your email and business phone number.

2. Once your credit card payment is received, we will send you a short (very short) list of questions about the purpose of your site and the pages you want assessed.

3. We will return the Quick-Fix Report Card within 5-7 business days and follow up with you regarding any questions.

If you’re looking for more information, give us a call toll-free at 1-877-532-6467.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

QuickLearn: Master Online Marketing is a series for business professionals who are looking for quick ways to get up to speed on best practices, tips, tools and techniques for successful internet marketing campaigns.

Use the Contact Us to tell us what event you’d like to see next.

Let us know:

1. Best Time of Day
2. Best Day of Week
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5. Location Preference

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Awesome! Welcome to Underwire. 

While you are waiting for the next Underwire Newsletter to arrive, check out this recent blog article. 

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Internet Marketing Consultation

Boxcar Marketing offers personalized full- and half-day workshops that examine your overall internet marketing strategy or look at a specific aspect of your plan. We offer suggestions to improve your online presence, we give you information and tools to move forward on your own, and we provide tips, tools and techniques for increasing sales and brand recognition.

Need more than a consultation? Boxcar Marketing can take care of all your internet marketing needs.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO)

Increase traffic to your website and improve conversion rates. We provide Keyword Research and Analysis, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), user-oriented copywriting, and analytics reporting.

Search Engine and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)  Advertising Services

Paid search is one way to attract traffic that cannot find you through organic listings. We provide setup and management of your PayPerClick (PPC) accounts like Google Adwords and Overture.

Website Design

Your website is more than a brochure. It’s your face to the world. Boxcar Marketing works with a number of designers and programmers to create sites that are user friendly and are reflective of the tone and brand you want for your business.

Website Analytics

Don’t know what your customers are doing online? Have so much statistical information that you don’t know what’s relevant? We provide monthly reports on your website’s performance and tips for building and sustaining your online audience. We can provide training and education on how to read and understand your web statistics, and how to use that information to make business decisions.

Online Promotion and Blogger Outreach

Bloggers are not just a bunch of crazy people taking photos of their cats. Bloggers are sophisticated online users, who are actively involved in communities of interest. If you want to connect to your online audience, and they happen to be active bloggers, talk to us about your ideas and we can help you find a way to have conversations with the right people at the right time.

Online Copywriting (or Writing for the Web)

Need help writing engaging website copy or email newsletters? Writing for the web is different than writing for print. You need less text, more points of engagement and a strong voice. Boxcar Marketing can write or edit your text for the web.


Give us a call. Send us an email. Talk to Us about your project.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy


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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

James Sherrett and Monique Trottier, co-founders of Boxcar Marketing. Vancouver Internet Marketing Specialists.

• Drive traffic to your website
• Build brand awareness
• Increase sales and conversions
• Master marketing best practices
• Connect with your customers
• Get detailed reporting & feedback

If you don't "get the web", we can help. If you do "get the web", we are great partners to have. Get us on your team.


Internet Marketing + Web Design + Online Strategy

Monique Sherrett, Crissy Campbell and James Sherrett are internet marketing strategists.
Give us a call. Email us. We’re nice. You’ll like us.
We provide tech talk you can understand. Talk to us about your project.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

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Primary Contact: Monique Sherrett

Office: 1-778-837-9012 

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Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Privacy Policies are really about 2 things:

  1. How we use your contact details
  2. What software we use on our site

How we use your contact details.

Boxcar Marketing does not sell, rent or distribute to third parties any personal data collected from our website or mailing lists. If you fill out a form asking for more info, we don’t subscribe you to our email list.

What software we use on our site.

Boxcar Marketing uses Google Analytics to measure our site performance. The Google Analytics terms specify that no personally identifiable information may be collected. From time to time, we also use software like Crazy Egg or we test other heat-mapping software products. We also use and test remarketing tools and Google Analytics Display Advertising features, which have opt-outs.

We are committed to providing visitors to the site an experience that respects their privacy. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

We do not collect personal information that identifies individuals (such as your name, phone number, address, or e-mail address) unless you supply it voluntarily, usually through contacting us via e-mail, fax, regular mail, telephone, or registering in a portion of the web site.

Personal information voluntarily provided by you via our web site will be used only for the purpose for which it was provided (for example, to subscribe to our email newsletter, to register for an event), or to which you otherwise consent, will be kept strictly confidential, and is not disclosed to anyone outside of Boxcar Marketing.

In some instances, we may use outside parties to administer online activities on our behalf, such as event registration services. This may involve the collection of personal information. In such cases, we ensure that the manner in which any outside party collects, uses and retains personal information conforms to our privacy policy.


If you have any questions, please contact us monique@boxcarmaketing.com

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

Boxcar Marketing provides consulting, in-house training, seminars, and speaking for the book publishing industry (publishers, agencies, libraries, booksellers and other cultural organizations). Our training and consulting services include campaign planning, content development, website optimization & analytics setup, as well as Google Analytics and social media audits for refining goal tracking and reporting. 

Boxcar Marketing is an internet marketing company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The principals are Monique Sherrett and James Sherrett. We are Internet Marketing Strategists who have strong strategic partnerships with other individuals and companies with specialized expertise in design, programming and search.

Boxcar Marketing is about collaboration. We work with you to determine the best possibilities for your business and we collaborate with other experienced specialists to bring the greatest level of expertise and human resources to your project.

(Reading between the lines, it means that we are an agile team with a merry band of experts and specialists who help us handle projects of all sizes.)

We offer internet marketing services, including:

We can also refer you to firms who specialize in:

  • Web Design
  • Search Marketing (pay-per-click campaigns)
  • Search Optimization (SEO)

Boxcar Marketing also provides webinars, workshops, and speaking. Our sessions are customized to help you better manage your online marketing activities, overcome obstacles, measure your success, and develop best practices for your organization.

At Boxcar Marketing we focus on results. Results that offer the most value to your business.

As internet marketing strategists, our job is to translate solid organizational strategies into solid, innovative, executable online strategies.

We’re fluent in the web. We swim in it every day. Whether you want to dip a toe in or dive deep, we can create moving ideas online.

Here’s what you can expect from us.

When you engage Boxcar Marketing, we start by learning about your business and your specific marketing challenges.

From that research, we create a strategic plan that works for your customers and for you. We break that plan into deliverables with reporting cycles and feedback loops. We lay out the plan and get input. We expect collaboration from our clients. This is two-way conversation.

Driving action from ideas.

We work to the plan. We adapt as we continue to learn. We reach out and often tap into our extended network of specialists. We execute top-notch campaigns that turn into durable movements.

As co-founder James Sherrett likes to say, “spreadsheets aren’t strategy.” Success for us is determined by how effectively and efficiently we can use the web to share your ideas with your customers and key stakeholders, and how well we can create relevant and engaging campaigns that generate results and momentum for your business.

Talk to us about your project if you want to:

  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Connect to customers online
  • Understand what your key stakeholders are doing online and how they are interacting with you
  • Improve your search campaigns, web design or email newsletters
  • Be more relevant and active online.

Our slogan is “we make you a web marketing genius.”

That doesn’t mean you should be nervous about talking to a couple of geeks. We promise tech talk you can understand.

One of our goals is to educate our clients about the web, online best practices and new business opportunities. We publish the Underwire Monthly Newsletter.

As a result, our clients get great online campaigns and a team that’s easy to work with on an ongoing basis. Who doesn’t like free advice and education about the internet? Now take the next step and seize the opportunity to get moving online.

Give us a call. Send us an email. Talk to Us about your project.

Internet Marketing + Digital Business Strategy

What Boxcar Marketing Can Do for You

Boxcar Marketing provides consulting, campaign planning and in-house training for the publishing industry (book publishers, agencies, start-ups, libraries, booksellers and other education & cultural organizations). Below is a list of our most frequently requested services. We often customize our engagements so please talk to us about your project. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page and our phone number is in the sidebar to your right. 

Boxcar Marketing specializes in internet marketing campaigns, Google Analytics audits, social media audits, corporate training in online marketing and business strategy.

We offer internet marketing services, including:

We can also refer you to firms who specialize in:

  • Web Design
  • Search Marketing (pay-per-click campaigns)
  • Search Optimization (SEO)

Boxcar Marketing also provides webinars, workshops, and speaking. Our sessions are customized to help you better manage your online marketing activities, overcome obstacles, measure your success, and develop best practices for your organization.

We believe that

  • Your website and social media properties represents your online face to the world.
  • Your business is invisible unless your website shows up on the first page of search results for terms related to your products and services.
  • A successful business has a clear business strategy that integrates the web with all other marketing activities.

What Problem Do You Want to Solve? We have answers.

Clients often contact us with one or more of the following questions:

  1. We need a new website. How much does that cost?
  2. My website sucks. Can you help me increase traffic?
  3. I don’t know anything about my website visitors. Where do I start?
  4. We have an idea but don’t know the best way to execute it or we don’t have the staff time to do it ourselves. Can you help?
  5. Do you do email newsletters / search marketing campaigns and pay-per-click / online contests / blogger outreach / online PR?
  6. How do I use Twitter / Facebook / Slideshare / [latest social media tool] to engage with customers?
  7. How do I build buzz and get attention for my products/services?

We can also help you with these business challenges:

  • I want to save money/time.
  • I want to increase sales.
  • I want better results online.
  • I want someone to do this for me.
  • I want this to be easy.
Give us a call. Send us an email. Talk to Us about your project.

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