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Effective Facebook Content for Pages

Friday, February 8, 2013 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

Understanding effective Facebook content management for Pages is neatly illustrated in the below infographic. Many of the tips are covered in my 1-Minute Marketing Tips for Facebook playlist on YouTube but this handy graphic from Wishpond sums up some of the key points, which include:  Post effective content to Facebook Pages: Max 3 lines of text (100-250 characters), posted 5x per week at optimal hours for your fans, likely during morning and evening commute...

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Can You Change Your Facebook Page Name?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

Back in March, we outlined how to change your Facebook page name by filling in this page name request form: Unfortunately, the form is no longer available and now you can only change your page name if you have less than 200 likes. This is to prevent people from building up a page’s fan base and then selling the page (and it’s fans) to another business. Here’s a breakdown of...

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How to Write the Perfect Facebook Post

Thursday, October 25, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

Writing the perfect Facebook post is more important than ever. With the launch of Promoted Posts, Facebook has been reducing the reach that Page posts get in order to create incentives for using the new feature. Which means that, unless you want to pay for fans to see your posts, it’s getting harder and harder for fans to see your content in the News Feed. Knowing how to write engaging Facebook posts that...

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Can a Facebook Group Be Converted into a Page?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

Back in August we gave you 3 marketing checklists to help improve your marketing this Fall. One of the checklists outlined how to merge 2 Facebook pages and gave instructions for how to merge duplicate Facebook Pages as well as how to merge a Facebook Profile into a Page. After reading this post, we had a reader contact us and ask how to switch a Facebook Group into a Facebook Page. Unfortunately, there’s no longer a...

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How to Find Your Audience on Twitter

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | Posted by to Online Communities, Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

Photo by Auntie P Whether you’re new to an industry or simply new to online marketing, it’s often difficult to find your target audience online. Understanding who your audience is and what they talk about is a key component in developing an effective online marketing strategy. Here are some tips for finding your audience on Twitter. 3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter 1. Advanced Twitter Search

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How to Merge Facebook Pages

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

If your business or brand has two Facebook Pages for the same thing, you should merge them so that there’s one official Page. This helps to avoid confusion among your fans, brings all of your fans together into one central place and makes it easier for you to manage. On Facebook, you can only merge Pages that you own and control. You can also merge a Facebook Profile into a Page by first migrating...

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How to Run a Successful Online Contest

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 | Posted by to Online Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing

Photo courtesy of Antavo Promotion Builder Online contests are an excellent way to increase fan engagement and build up your existing fan base. They’re also great for encouraging word of mouth marketing among your fans’ and their friends—especially if you provide an incentive for sharing, such as bonus entries. Running an online contest involves a lot of initial planning and setup so that, once live, the contest runs smoothly and...

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Social Media Image Sizing Chart by Luna Metrics

Monday, July 30, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing

Hooray for Luna Metrics. Their handy cheat sheet for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest shows the ideal sizes for profile pics and other images used in these social networks. Because each site resizes images dynamically based on what you have uploaded, the end image is of better quality when you know the ideal start size. For example ... Pinterest Image Sizes The Profile Picture appears as 49 x 49 pixels, but it’s actually best when resized...

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Facebook Mobile Advertising

Friday, July 20, 2012 | Posted by to Internet Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing

Mobile-targeted ads are becoming increasingly important for advertisers, as people spend more and more time on their smartphones. This infographic from MBAOnline.com gives numbers and information related to Facebook mobile ads, including how long people spend on Facebook on a smartphone vs a personal computer and how often Facebook mobile ads are clicked on vs desktop ads. Do you have a mobile advertising strategy? Source: OnlineMBA.com

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How to Manage Social Media When You’d Rather Be at the Beach

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | Posted by to Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

Photo by Christopher Porter It’s summer. It’s hot. Most of us want to spend less time at work and more time enjoying the weather with family and friends. Managing social media can take up a lot of time in your day—but it doesn’t have to. Here’s how to manage social media in 35 minutes a day. How to Manage Social Media in 35 Minutes a Day Morning: 25...

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