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Marketing with Pokemon Go. Yes or No?

Thursday, July 14, 2016 | Posted by to Internet Marketing Strategy, Online Communities, Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

Pokémon Go is the latest phenomenon that is driving marketers crazy. What is it, why should I care, is this important to me? What Is It? Pokémon Go is the hottest app in the world at the moment. It is an augmented reality game where players try to catch Pokémon. The cool part is that you "see" the Pokémon via your smartphone's camera. Installing #PokemonGo! Walk...

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The Microsoft + LinkedIn Deal, and Why It’s Interesting

Thursday, June 23, 2016 | Posted by to Harebrained Ideas, Internet Marketing Strategy, Online Communities, Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

I love James Allworth's post on the Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal.  Who's going to be having sleepless nights after Microsoft's LinkedIn deal? Salesforce. Nail. Head. I've been thinking a lot about marketing automation and CRMs because I'm co-authoring a chapter on B2B social media marketing for a textbook being published next year. My basic take on LinkedIn, grounded in recent data from TrackMaven and Content Marketing Institute, is that B...

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How to Find Your Audience on Twitter

Thursday, September 13, 2012 | Posted by to Online Communities, Social Media Marketing, Underwire Newsletter

Photo by Auntie P Whether you’re new to an industry or simply new to online marketing, it’s often difficult to find your target audience online. Understanding who your audience is and what they talk about is a key component in developing an effective online marketing strategy. Here are some tips for finding your audience on Twitter. 3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter 1. Advanced Twitter Search

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3 Ways To Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

Thursday, October 27, 2011 | Posted by to Online Communities, Social Media Marketing

Photo by Kevin Dooley CC BY2.0 Now that you’ve built your profile and company page on LinkedIn, you’re ready to start using LinkedIn for business. Unlike social networks like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is a social platform built specifically for business, so it’s ideal for networking and building business connections. 1. Develop Your Network To start building your network, import your contacts from your email account. LinkedIn allows you to...

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Tips for Managing LinkedIn Groups

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | Posted by to Online Communities, Underwire Newsletter

Creating your own LinkedIn Group increases your profile and gives you control over the group’s content and reach. The goal with a group is to engage your audience and leverage your company’s thought leadership. From our experience, it’s best to have a more wide-ranging group for sharing ideas and making connections with people from a variety of backgrounds. If needed, you can create a subgroup later on that is...

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How to Opt Out of Facebook’s New Instant Personalization

Thursday, April 22, 2010 | Posted by to Online Communities

Revised April 26th with reader suggestions. If you’ve signed into Facebook in the last couple of days, you’ve probably seen this message It seems innocent enough, but as this librarian found out, it’s more complicated (and, in our opinion, invasive) than it seems. There are two parts to this new feature. One, is that Facebook’s “Like” button is now available across the web. This means...

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Julien Smith at Third Tuesday Vancouver

Friday, January 22, 2010 | Posted by to Online Communities

Julien Smith, co-author of Trust Agents with Chris Brogan, spoke at Third Tuesday Vancouver this week about the nature of social capital and building tribes. While I was expecting a bland presentation on the importance of building community within social networks, I was pleasantly surprised. The talk was less on why online communities are important and more about how now is the time to take control, get over our own fears and become leaders of...

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Pitfalls and Best Practices for Building Online Communities

Thursday, July 9, 2009 | Posted by to Online Communities

Building successful online communities isn’t easy. To help us out, Powered recently held a webinar on the Pitfalls and Best Practices for Building Online Communities. Below is what they had to say. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Community: an interactive group of people connected by a common interest. Marketer’s Sins * Thinking that you know it all already - Tropicana changed their ‘look...

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Guest Post on TechVibes: Is Pottermania Dead?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | Posted by to Online Communities, Work, Speaking

My guest post is live on TechVibes: “Is Pottermania Dead?” July 10-13, 2008, I was invited to Portus 2008: A Harry Potter Symposium for academics, educators, students and fans. Dr. Henry Jenkins of MIT and I gave the two luncheon keynotes.   From TechVibes: When it comes to Harry Potter, the big question among the media is whether Pottermania is dead. Among booksellers and publishers, the question is who will be the next JK Rowling?...

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ChangeEverything.ca Nominated for a Webby

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | Posted by to Online Communities

ChangeEverything.ca, the online community developed by our good friends at Social Signal and built for Vancity, has been nominated for a Webby Award. Huge congratulations for Social Signal, Change Everything and Vancity! The competition in the social networking category is really steep: * Bebo: “a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment” * Facebook: “a social utility that connects you with the people around you” * Flock: &ldquo...

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