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Monique Sherrett

Chief Everything Officer, Monique Sherrett founded Boxcar Marketing in 2007 and has provided training workshops, and developed websites and online community strategies for several corporations, publishers, non-profits, trade associations and educational institutions including Cultural Human Resources Council, the Centre for Chief Marketing Executives, and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Her primary focus is strategic marketing consulting and data analytics. She has trained hundreds of business people in how to increase online visibility, connect to their audience, improve search optimization and website conversions, find their affinity groups and influencers, and participate actively in social media.

Monique is a former associate professor of professional practice at Simon Fraser University where she taught marketing and technology from 2010-2015. She is currently living in Ireland, where she will teach digital marketing at University College Dublin in Spring 2016.

Prior to starting Boxcar Marketing, she was the internet marketing manager at Raincoast Books where she become known for spearheading major online marketing campaigns, including the promotion of Harry Potter and the creation of the first Canadian publisher podcast and blog. 

Monique's thoughts on turning organizational strategies into effective, innovative and executable online campaigns can be found on the Boxcar Marketing blog and on Twitter @boxcarmarketing

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